Website for Tennis Leagues Design and Coding

Website for Tennis Leagues Design and Coding


Job Description

I need a website for some local tennis leagues I will be running. I'm on a tight budget, so I not all the functionality I want will be included right away, hopefully we can add it in later. For now what I need is:

Player registration: players should be able to put their personal information into a form and pay the sign-up fee through paypal

Once registered players can log in

each player has a basic profile page

once logged in players can challenge and send messages to other players or accept/ decline challenges on their own home page. These actions should be accompanied by an email to the receiving player

Logged-in players can submit a match score through another form

A standings page for each individual league

A contact page

Also several other content pages (about, rules, etc.)

Regarding databases I need to be able to create/ administrate leagues, add players to them, and edit players info. When players submit match scores they should automatically be given points based on the score and the current rank of the player they played. The standings page will be generated based on the number points each player has and the number of games they've played; I don't want to manually update the standings.

I'm open to using a template and certainly a CMS, and anything else that might cut costs. Please note how you will build the site in your response

Skills: design, paypal