php script to post ad on multiple forms

php script to post ad on multiple forms


Job Description

We need to have a dummy form that simply collects registration information to be used to populate (2) other forms using php, we have to collect registration info to pass to our act database using swiftpage which is just a simple form and would like to take that form information and register them to our webinar again just a simple forms that do not have ssl or require captcha solving.

Step 1: customer fills out a form (temp holding for information) on our website the information is pulled from the url in this example ( and it post to 2 other forms and finally redirects to thank you page. I believe to accomplish this we should attempt
to complete the following steps.

a) Create a blank php page called poster.php and then create a simple form named postinfo and add (5) fields four text fields and one text area field (more if needed) and name them field1, field2, field3, field4, field5. As the names will later be used to fill out other forms.

b) On form submit we GET the posted field information, maybe a cookie or array in header and use it to fill out various forms.

c) We then create another form on same page if possible posting to iframe or on second php page if needed and we name it postform1 and we will edit field names to match the remote form field names, and the post action url will be to the remote form submit action.

d) We then need to submit this form, as most of the forms will have just a plain submit button we can get that name for the script. We want this form to submit automatically so on page load or whatever works easiest

e) Finally the last form named postedform is filled out and submitted using the saved form data and on post submitted url points to a new php page we create named review.php and we echo the form posted info and all the urls
we successfully posted to shows a check mark. We will add to the review page the static names of the websites for the check marks to appear next to.