C++ Urgent Project -- Need done in 10-12 hours

C++ Urgent Project -- Need done in 10-12 hours


Job Description

Hello Developers,

There is an urgent requirement to complete 2 small C++ Programming programs that need to be completed asap.
In this, for the first program, you need to have knowledge about C under Unix etc using functions such as Functions fork(), wait(), getpid(), getppid() etc .
The second program will require to manipulate strings. If the program is written in C++, it shall consist of at least two C++ files and a header file.

The details of the project are given at the link below along with an image file

The compiler that you can use is any G++

You have 24 hours to get both of them done.

Skills: unix, .net, linux, visual-c++, software-development, android-development