Video Conference Expert

Video Conference Expert


Job Description


We are in the process of creating video conferencing solution using open source technologies. We also build SIP based Android client application. We are having several issues with the configuration (on client side and server side) and we could not make it work to our satisfaction (as of now). We were not able to produce high quality video conferencing between 3 or 4 users. We are currently using Asterisk and we prefer to use the same (unless there is a better option). The server would be in our network and all the users would be connected from remote via WIFI Internet of some kind. We need secure and scalable solution. On the client side we use Android tablets and there could more down the road. If you have expertise on the video conference, please respond with details of your experience and cost.

Job responsibilities:

* Need to use opensource tools
* Recommend the required tools (on the server side) to get the job done
* Setup, configure, and document (manual explaining setup, configuration, security and maintenance) the video server and client configuration

* Should support Android clients and Asterisk (preferably)
* Highly scalable and secure
* Low resources
* High quality video that supports audio and video
* Client can be connected from a low bandwidth Internet
* Easy to setup and configure

Please read the post carefully prior to applying.


Skills: video, android-development

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