Photoshop Plugin for Windows and Mac

Photoshop Plugin for Windows and Mac


Job Description

We need to develop a Photoshop plugin that keeps metadata of a specific kind of JPG file when opening and saving it.

Our application generates standard JPG files with specific metadata / EXIF that Photoshop strips when it is saved. We need to keep that metadata when the JPG is saved again

This is the functionality of the plugin:

- When opening the JPG file, it has to detect that it has been generated by our application by looking at a specific EXIF tag (SOFTWARE="OWR_SOFTWARE")
- If it is our special kind of JPG file, the plugin will read all the metadata and keep it on memory
- The user is free to edit / modify the JPG file
- If the user saves it again as a JPG, the metadata is embedded in the image again, removing/replacing any metadata that Photoshop might add

:: To save the JPG, we will need a "save panel" similar to the option in with an extra checkbox labeled "keep metadata"

:: We don't know if it's possible the plugin to detect that SOFTWARE="OWR_SOFTWARE" and then keep the metadata on memory or Photoshop automatically strips it when loading. In that case, we would like to add a specific file format in the open dialog (see )

We are looking for a contractor experienced in Photoshop plugins development for both Windows and Mac.

To apply, we need that the candidate sends
- A relation of the plugins that the candidate has developed and the languages used
- The time that the candidate expects to spend in the development of the plugin

About us:

- We are a small startup (2 people) based in Barcelona (Spain) specialised in the creation of interactive installations.