Proofreading for academic papers

Proofreading for academic papers


Job Description

Hi, I need someone to proofread my papers and thesis if any.

must be
-native english.
- able to correct my problems in writing as :
a. corrections for grammatical (tenses) and spelling errors;
b. corrections for subject-verb disagreement;
c. corrections for run-on sentences;
d. corrections for wrong sentence structures;
e. addition of transitional signals and sequence connectors to improve the fluency and coherency of your writing.

- ready to tutor me academic writing.

- be patient with me as I'm working full time as researcher and got lot of projects to do.


- know computer science or IT engineering.
- Latex lyx files

please bid if possible as follows:

1. word rate.
2 page rate (250 word).
3. tutoring rate ( hourly)
4. any terms or notes you want to state.

start your application by typing your country of origin. failed to do so will yield in rejection your application.

again im not looking for correcting grammar mistakes only. I need REAL proofreading work.

Skills: academic-writing, computer-science, tutoring, science, typing, grammar