European Football Writer - Unique Article writing

European Football Writer - Unique Article writing


Job Description

We are looking for a football (soccer) writer to write fantastic articles regarding upcoming games/events. It would be great if you could cover all european leagues. Anything that is current basically so we can send that content out as videos pdfs etc. Complete professional knowledge of the sport and also betting on these sports is a must. Not so much a tipster but good write ups on games is one angle we can look at. Not to give the reader a selection but to give them all the stats on a particular interesting event or set of games for the week ahead is more along the lines of what were looking for.

Is there big news in the sport which a sports bettor would find interesting? These are all things that would interest our sports betting readers.

At least 1 article per week based on the agreed sport/subject. The articles must contain up to the minute current news etc and be based around current events in that partiucular sport... Your english must be impeccable! In the written form. We will check that your articles are unique and our audience must connect with you as a writer. So they have to get to know you and your character through your articles.

You must work with our site administrator to find ways of implementating ads intot he articles so we can capitalise on affiliate commissions and bookmaker referals. So when writing your articles you must take this part into consideration.

Budget is per 1000 word article. This is not for 1 article you will be paid $10 for each 1000 word article you write for us. If the article is 900 words this would be $9. So please make a bid of $10 per 1000 word article and we will interview you further.

This is a long term vacancy. And if your articles take off and get a lot of interest we will be looking to pay more money towards your writing. This all depends on what money is also made from referring sites included in your articles. Making money is not our primary objective. Good quality content is first and foremost.

English written language shold be fantastic. Our readers are English and very intellectual. They will be frustrated with an article that has bad grammar and shows poor reflection on the english language.


Skills: writing, football, sports, english, grammar