Linux/Bash Shell Programming

Linux/Bash Shell Programming


Job Description

I'm leading a team of really excellent web app developers, and we need a shell programmer to help us with one part of our architecture:

Our application will use Redis to communicate with our Web App. Commands will be placed into a well known key name to start shell scripts. The shell scripts will be started, and will use named pipes to replace stdin and stdout. Input to the script will be placed on a Redis list, and output from the script will be placed on a separate Redis list. We imagine that we will use named pipes to communicate with the script, and we will need to poll the named pipe to grab the output and put it in Redis. As a final piece of functionality, we will need to list the shell scripts that are running, and terminate them on command.

Our team is strong in Ruby and networking, so leveraging that is always good. Can provide full details upon request.

Skills: linux