Social Media Assistant

Social Media Assistant


Job Description

We have a great opportunity in our team for SEO and social media specialists. This role requires a strong understanding of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.


You will create content, create networks and use those networks daily. You will post content and work with one or more clients at a time. You will be accountable for coordinating all social media activity. We want a specialist who knows a lot.

Working across social platforms you will be responsible for the set-up, execution and daily management of clients' social media presence. You must be a content creator and curator, possessing a strong background in the social media space with an in-depth knowledge of the functionality across all platforms. Your skillset includes the ability to create and execute campaigns, both paid and organic, across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest and emerging platforms.

We need someone who is confident, speaks and writes English well and knows how to start a conversation with thousands of people. We want a power player.


Skills: facebook, management, twitter, youtube, pinterest, english, linkedin