wording designs creator needed

wording designs creator needed


Job Description

i am looking for someone to create for me a load of text based vector designs for us to use in
our engraved glasses.

i would like them in illustrator format in solid black.

these are to include things like

Happy Anniversary (including numbers) 1st, 15th etc etc possibly include anniversary clip art ( high quality
" Birthday
" Christmas
Congratulations its a Boy /girl etc
Thank you
worlds best mum dad gran aunt etc
special wording designs saying things like
i love you,
gorgeous girlfriend
sexy boy
funny slogans any thing you can think of!
also things drink related like
Mines a whisky
Dads Pint
Mums Tipple
wow i need a pint!
if empty please refill!
and anything else you might think would be good to use for any special occasion gift.

a few different designs of each.

Please see this sebsite for inspiration and to see the kind of thing we are after.

I need the creativity part to come from YOU! ..

so you would need a idea of the style and type of thing we are looking for.

We would want to pay a set price for all the design or possibly per design or something.

i have no idea how much this will cost so im setting a silly budget. You wil need to let me know your proposed fees.

if you could send us a sample of the sort of thing you can do for us, it would help us choose! even if you watermark it or something!..

these will then be engraved into glasses on our new website www.gebsters.com

i have done one page so far of zodiac designs and i have then coloured them to suit our site and so they hopefully look engraved!.. but originally these are solid black and white.


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