Integrate with MLS + Real Estate Website

Integrate with MLS + Real Estate Website


Job Description

**Please read carefully and respond to the following. All messages that don't respond in this format will not be considered as we are just getting too many canned responses. We need a person or team that's detail-oriented and will actually take 1 minute to read job descriptions.**

We are working with some real estate agents and need somebody who has experience integrating MLS listings into a website. ONLY applicants who have prior experience with MLS listings into websites will be considered. We need somebody experienced.

Please answer with the following:

1. What info do you need to integrate into the MLS
2. Show us your website(s) that you've done this work before
3. What is your availability
4. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream

Thanks! We look forward to working with you. We're a development team in the US, and look forward to working with quality people long-term.

Skills: real-estate