Erlang Developer for Concurix Profiling Tool

Erlang Developer for Concurix Profiling Tool


Job Description

At Concurix we are building a suite of real time visual profilers for Erlang and NodeJS. checkout for more details.

Our tools allow a developer to visually see the insides of their program, as it is running! We highlight performance bottlenecks and other issues for developers.

We have made a number of feature advances in the NodeJS version of Concurix and are looking for an additional developer to help us bring the Erlang version to the same level of functionality.

The job is to take the cx_runtime project ( and update the output format to a new version used by the NodeJS tools. This is mostly a straightforward conversion, but a few areas will need some clever coding.

We would also like you to fully document the protocol for use in other language adaptations.

While this engagement is scoped to a particular feature, we have a very large and ambitious roadmap. We will prefer candidates that we could work with again for future projects.