HTML5 game developer needed

HTML5 game developer needed


Job Description

I need a company to outsource the development of 4 HTML5 games. The games basically web-based that will load within mobile apps/games, specifically for the iPhone 4/5 and Samsung Galaxy II/III/IV devices.

All games should be designed where the user is trying to get a high score. We need to integrate the score with our native application or SDK. Each game is 60 seconds, but the user can 'die' before the 60 seconds in the pizza delivery runner game. We would supply the initial graphics for each game. Again, looking to get quote for price and timeline for each game, and want to know if games can be created simultaneously, or if only one after the other. I can email screenshots from a memory game that we've created internally to give an idea of what we're looking at, although we expect the outsourced games to be of higher quality.

GAME 1: Sports Apparel. The game is similar to, except that for fruits, we will be including branded apparel. There is only '1 level' per se, game time is 60 seconds. Needs intro screen, game, exit screen. See attached image labeled "advergames."
GAME 2: Pizza delivery runner. The game is similar to Subway Surfers. Character can move left to right, jump and slide. Thinking of this game for a company like Papa John's or Pizza Hut. Game time is 60 seconds max. Character runs through a city collecting pizza boxes or ingredients or worker uniform and tries to make it to the last house to deliver a completed pizza.
GAME 3: Bubble shooter game. 60 seconds. One level only.

In addition to these three games, I also wanted to see if I can get a quote on an additional game.
GAME 4: If I were to give you a brand, and ask you to create the graphics, come up with an idea that we will approve, and have you develop the game completely, is that something that you would be interested in quoting? Is there a estimate and timeline estimate for such a game?

I'm hoping all three games can be created simultaneously. For the initial three games, the storyboard, graphics and requirements will be given, so it's only the HTML5 code that needs to be developed. QA and requirements will be posted. Project can start as soon as April 19-30. Want timeline for completion and budget. Open to companies only, must be located in either the US, Europe or India.

Skills: games, qa