New Marketing website

New Marketing website


Job Description

Hi Everyone!

Let me give you a brief introduction and what I am looking for.

I have just finished designing a new Marketing company called:

Its a completely new website that needs everything to be done from scratch when it comes to SEO, SEM, SMM and any kind of advertising in between.

This is not going to be a local company, it needs to be advertised nationally. All over USA so when you type in Marketing firms in google (For example) We should be at the top and it doesnt matter what state you are located in.

What I am looking for is an individual with a proven success rate when it comes to SEO, I am looking for the very best and the most experienced when it comes to this type of field. I will pay excellent money to whoever can make this company very successful and show results NOT just promises like I have had experiences with others in different projects who promise but showed no results and I lost a lot of money in the past.

Now lets briefly talk about

we are a marketing company with a twist. Unlike traditional marketing companies where they give you a quote based on a project. I am more like: (Odesk and Elance) Where people will be able to submit a project based on what they can afford to spend on their budget.

There are many marketing companies out there but I am definitely unique and need to stand out. My main competition is

Big successful company but very expensive and I want people to know us like they do with this company. There are other companies on top of google such as who are at the top of google when you put
(Marketing firms) into google search.

Also you must have experience in adword campaign marketing.

If you are hired for this project you will need to do analysis of my website and find the right keywords and do some research on this industry and see what my competitors use for keywords to market their business.

This is going to be a very long and exciting project and you are going to make this into a successful operation with proper SEO, SEM, SMM.

Remember, I am looking for the very best! Proven track record is a must, and a lot of experience in SEO field.

Any questions feel free to ask.

Thank you,


Skills: marketing, analysis, research

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