Redmine Etalon Installation

Redmine Etalon Installation


Job Description

Redmine Etalon Installation required.

OS: openSUSE 12.2-12.3 (Non-GUI preinstalled system, root ssh access provided):
DB: PostgreSQL 8.4 - 9.2 (preinstalled, working, admin access provided)
HTTP Server: Apache 2.2 (preinstalled, but not configured)
Passenger (Installation required)
Redmine (Installation Required)
git (preinstalled, but not configured)
mercurial (preinstalled, but not configured)
svn (preinstalled, but not configured)

Redmine Plugins installation required (Free Versions):

CRM Light

It is required, that Redmine will be installed in /opt/redmine directory

We wait for configured and well-worked Redmine Installation on 80 (http) port of VPS we provide.
REST Enabled.
SMTP Notification with Google SMTP configured (username and password prowided)

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