Complex algorithm to manipulate data in couchDB

Complex algorithm to manipulate data in couchDB


Job Description

Here is an overview of what I need accomplished:

We have server 1, and server 2. These systems are already up and running.
SERVER 1: linux
SERVER 2: cloudant running couchDB (cloudant does not allow php, so that is why we still need to have SERVER 1).

Here is the TASK:
1. Pull data from the Azure API(bing), and put it into the couchDB.
2. Manipulate and group the couchDB entries based on a complex algorithm you will need to develop. This algorithm seems very complex to me, and would be a similar task to how google web search works(by similar, i mean inspecting the data for keywords, etc., may be involved).

So, the end product will be the manipulated and grouped data in the couchDB. (I will be able to pull this data and use it).

Skills: linux