Systems Admin - AWS MongoDB

Systems Admin - AWS MongoDB


Job Description

We are a UK-based social games company who use Amazon Web Services to host our Music Festivals game on Facebook. We are looking for an individual to work with us as an administrator to monitor and scale our server infrastructure to handle increasing levels of traffic as the game develops.

Our current structure consists of two database EC2 instances hosting MongoDB in a Master/Slave setup. We use several EC2 instances as web servers to connect to the database. The web servers scale based on traffic coming in to the game, but the database does not currently shard.

We are looking for an individual to implement automatic sharding/scaling on our MongoDB database. Someone who is also able to monitor and maintain the overall infrastructure including our staging/testing and development servers.

The individual should be available to work as an emergency contact, resolving issues and providing an immediate response to production environment downtime in order to limit the impact on the game and the business.

The ideal candidate would be up to date on a broad range of web development technologies and be able to provide long term consultation on the infrastructure, including optimisation and implementing new technologies.

Required Experience:

• MongoDB
• Amazon Web Service (EC2, ELB)
• System Administration
• Apache
• Linux (Amazon Linux AMI, Ubuntu)

Desirable Experience:

• Memcached
• NodeJS (Server side Javascript)
• Web Development Skills (Wordpress, HTML, Javascript, JQuery/AJAX)
• Unity3d
• Facebook Development
• Android/ iOS/ Mobile Developement Experience

Skills: apache, linux

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