Highly Skilled IOS Developer

Highly Skilled IOS Developer


Job Description


I would like a custom mobile app created. This needs to be completed quickly.

I need someone who can focus on appealing design as the functions are building off of preexisting technologies.

I have all of the design/feature/options laid out; to include geofence, weather data server, reminder, and notifications.


- Someone who can not only program but can also do the UI design
- Someone who has at least 300 hours on Odesk
- Someone who has a 5 star rating
- Someone who takes pride in their work and makes polished looking products.
- Someone who speaks English well

For the next step:
- Please reply with some examples of your previous work including any user interface or design examples you have done before. If I like your work, I will reply and give you more details.

*** IMPORTANT when you reply, start by typing the code words: Stay Dry

This way I know you took the time to read the complete description instead of just replying to all new submissions.

Thank you for your interest,