Highly skilled Web / UI / UX Designer

Highly skilled Web / UI / UX Designer


Job Description

I need someone who is very experienced in designing modern, state of the art, and beautiful looking websites / UI and UX.

Description of website:
Our idea wants to shake up the car rental business.

We love the designs of the following websites and want our design to be similar (if possible better):

You’re the perfect guy/gal for us if:
• You can not only design the website but also program it
• You can distill complicated problems into simple and elegant solutions
• You have an understanding of what makes an experience good or bad
• You love making things beautiful, and you have a strong understanding of composition, balance, symmetry, and white-space
• You have a highly refined aesthetic sense
• You understand the technical limitations and liberties behind your designs
• You obsess over details, and are excited to polish until your work is pixel-perfect
• You have plenty of experience designing for the web, and understand how to apply both form and function within it while maintaining simplicity
• You have a 4.5 star rating
• You are fluent in English

Here’s what needs to be in your proposal:
• Examples of your previous work including any Web / UI / UX design examples you have done before.
• Please take a detailed look at https://airbnb.com/and provide me with an analysis of its core aspects and what makes it tick.

If I like your previous work and your analyses of the airbnb website I will reply and give your more details.

Important: start your proposal by typing the code words: Badger Honey

This way I know you took the time to read the complete description instead of just replying to all new submissions like many people do!