Animator Needed (UDK based project)

Animator Needed (UDK based project)


Job Description

Hey Everyone

My name is Jared, and I've been working on a game with some of my fellow graduates for awhile now on a game called Nightfall.

What we're going for is a survival horror game that is set around the 16th century. As you can see if you look at our indie DB page (, it looks pretty good.

We are in need of an animator. In the last game, Clastle,
we did the animation, but it wasn't that great and we need someone who can crush it, and bring people to their knees in excitement. We are using UDK to bring Nightfall to life. When we did the animation we used 3DS Max and then imported the animation over using a plug-in Epic provided.

If you have any interest feel free to contact me at and we can talk about royalties, work, etc.