Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer


Job Description

I need a graphic designer to redesign flash program we are using in our program (YOU WILL NOT BE PROGRAMMING FLASH, I JUST NEED LAYERED PSD FILES)

More Detail:
We have a TV On PC program that we have been selling for years. We are in the middle of doing a major upgrade, and one of the upgrades includes making the viewing area default size bigger. Inside the application we have a IE browser window that points to a flash file. The flash file points to various websites that enrich our program, such as a place sto watch free movies online, watch your favorite tv shows for free, and more. Since the default view window is goin to be bigger, we need the flash file to be bigger as well. Even though we really do love the way the currently file looks (the transparency effects, hover effects, and more) we want something that is new and fresh. We still want it to look integrated with the application, but have a fresher look to it.

I will need several mocks from you that will show off various things that the flash program will do.

(The new version tv on pc is using the same GUI as the current version)
While we want it to match the GUI colors we would really like to add something new as well, so if you can add in a new color that matches just to change things up, and make them look new and more appealing that would be great!

Here is the actual link where the flash file is currently hosted (the previous flash developer put in some locks so it is hard to view the entire file online without the aid of our program. The flash file will load but sometimes it will not pull the XML file):

I will need many a mock for each section of the flash file, and on/off stages (meaning when someone rolls mouse over a section)

The zip file below contains a more detailed instructions and a few very rough examples of these mocks.

At the end of this project I will retain all rights to the images that you create, and will need the PSD so i can send on to my flash programmer.

Again you are NOT programming the flash, all i need is the graphics for each setion of the flash file:

Skills: graphics

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