PHP programmer

PHP programmer


Job Description

I have a Moodle platform at the following site:

Need of:

1 - Change the theme for Moodle more functional, so that we can customize all the buttons and navigation for ease of use by lay people in computing. (Student's Vision)

2 - Integrate payment system MOIP with Moodle so that students with confirmed payment by MOIP, are automatically inserted into Moodle and the course chosen.

3 - Integrating System SMS (Text Messaging via mobile) to Moodle to warn students about: grades, completion of the course, birthday, evidence collection, login and password etc..

4 - Integrating Moodle to an affiliate system, so that others can indicate the courses via a link and be commissioned for each sale. Thus, it becomes necessary for the creation of an administrative area for this, in the view of the administrator and
involved with affiliate reports.

The idea is to integrate Moodle: JomSocial - Joomla - Joomdle

No more is this.

Thiago Alves