Conversion Rate Optimization Advisor for PPC Landing Pages (Anywhere)

Conversion Rate Optimization Advisor for PPC Landing Pages (Anywhere)


Job Description

We are searching for a contractor for agency to review our PPC Landing pages and advise us on how to optimize them for higher conversion rates. We have the team to update the landing page changes and to run the optimization tooling to track results (Google Analytics, CrazyEgg, Visual Website Optimizer A/B) so we can manage the changes to the landing pages ourselves but we are looking for Conversion Rate Optimizer specialist to add to our team.

Our landing pages and PPC campaign are the principle new customer generator for our Men's Health and Wellness based membership site.

Our sales conversion rate is about 20% below breakeven right now so we believe the right resource helping us could get us were we need to be on our conversion rate (which is .005% for our keywords).

This job is not about PPC mgmt or CTR of our PPC campaigns though we are open to any action which will increase our conversions to .005% or higher.

We are looking for specific help advising us around our landing pages such as streamlining the customer experience toward conversion pages, stronger calls to action, stronger benefit statements, and getting men to sign up with us for our service. Our Google Analytics data shows strong engagement now (bounce rate under 6%, 4-5 pages visited, 1-2 min average engagement) so our landing pages aren't poor they just don't convert well. We have tooling in place to help with testing and optimization such as Crazyegg and Visual Website Optimizer, but we don't have a strong background in optimization landing pages for conversions.

Note: this is not an exercise of getting email addresses as leads, that is not a conversion for us - a conversion is someone signing up for our course for a monthly fee ($39 a month).

Candidates are encouraged to provide customer examples of improving conversion rates with PPC traffic.

Candidates - This contract could lead to full time work. We understand this will be an ongoing, iterative, optimization process so we are interested in working with you as long as you continue to provide positive results for us and even when we think we are maxed out on CRO, we will have other keywords and landing page challenges. The right candidate will likely be offered a full-time position with our multi-national team.

thanks in advance, we look forward to hearing from you.