Online Portal for Buyers and Sellers

Online Portal for Buyers and Sellers


Job Description


I want to get a website developed for a online portal for buyers and sellers. I would like this website to be easy to use and customize.

My portal would be the Replica of Tradus.Com , however my concentration here world be more on attracting the customers and the end users. Offering so friendly features that even for no reason they must visit the website.

Kindly find the features on which you should concentrate on is :-

A). Offering an "Avatar ",that would work as a Virtual Change Room .Customer would feed the Complexion , Height , Weight and Gender and they can test on how any product that they wish to buy would look on them .(This feature would act as a Mirror).

B) . Developing a feature , where the Customer can form a community , Chat , discuss and compare the end benefits / Kind of service that they received , or leave their opinion on which segment of the operation needs to be improved , feedback and all would be live , but restricted to the people whose E.Mail ID is registered.

C) . A feature where we will praise the top and efficient Sellers and Loyal Customers.

D) . A Paid feature that would act as a Bill Board , where in any one can advertise their service ( No Matter Whosoever they are ) .

E ). A feature wherein an animated cartoon feature ( Ex. Popeye ) , would jump out / Pop out to assist the customer whenever they try registering their E.Mail ID at this portal or when they select the product . Popeye should be able to read ( Basic English ) that we would write on the website (Exactly the way Mark is able is read the Text Messages on Nokia Handset ) , Ex. Product Reviews , Price , Shipping Time , Terms and Condition Etc. ( Motto is we need some one to assist the customer real time ).

F). A feature where they can paint , i mean this feature would allow the customer to order customized products , lets say if i wish my "Name" to be printed on the T.Shirt that i wish to buy or i wish to order .

G). A feature where i will integrate NGO Service to this platform . Customers can buy the products and directly feed their order information at their preferred NGO's slot meant for charity and it should be visible to everyone who visits this portal . Let's say someone bought Blanket and donate it to people through ' CRY "

H). A feature where the customer would feed the colour preference for a specific product . Lt's say white colour mobiles are popular these days . That segment will be named as " What's Say ".

I). We will roll out few contests like Best Pattern contest . One who is the winner ( one who will get maximum votes ) , let's say we will give them Gift Voucher worth Rs. 2,500 .00 , and and we will contact the companies who are into manufacturing shirts or respective clothing accessories to offer product to the mass having the same/similar pattern as that pattern would already be a hit among the community. These tactics would be implemented to drive traffic.

For the time being i believe this is exactly what i would prefer on this E.Commerce Platform . However the features like integrating Free Games and Linking Internet Radio on this Platform would be something on which we would certainly concentrate after the major phase of this project is finalized.

Feel free to share your ideas and any modification / addition if required that could help in making this E.Commerce platform more attractive and convenient.

Please mention the technology you would be using for this project as well as the time duration taken and your experience with this kind of a project (not mandatory)

Please mention "I HAVE READ" before your application, so that i would know that this is not an automated response. Else your application would be rejected.

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Skills: .net