Java application profiling

Java application profiling


Job Description

we are interesting in external overview, profiling, performance and memory monitoring of one our messaging component.
We would like to see extensive report regarding performance, memory allocation in the component, see if there is some synchronization issues in the application and if there are any bottleneck in general.
Ideal skill set will include very good knowledge of Java Virtual Machine, profiling of Java application in general and knowledge of memory allocation and JMS in particular.

We would like the testing being performed on our machine, you will be given access to that machine using ssh.
On that machine our component will be running and you will have access to running process using any profiling tool you'd like to use.
We don't want you to copy our libraries anywhere outside our company infostructure.
During the tests one of our crew will be ready to assists you - start/restart test cases, add more load to the program and help you with profiling.

Ideally we would like this test to start first week in August and there is a prospect for more similar tests.
In your answer, send us your experience with profiling Java applications as well as scenario you would like to follow during the profiling.