Photorealistic Human Head of Real Life Person

Photorealistic Human Head of Real Life Person


Job Description

I am looking for some to create a 3D model of the head of a real person. Unfortunately it is not possible to scan the person in question, and so this will have to be created from scratch by a 3D artist. The model must be accurate enough that it can be recognized as the person in question just from the geometry. This model will be 3D printed at some point without any texture, so it must be recognizable just from the un-painted shape. I will also require texturing so that the model renders as photo-realistic on the computer.

I will need two versions of the model. One with hair that matches the reference photos, and one that is bald. Both of these models will be used as "props" for an animation, but they will also need to be 3D printed. So the models need to be "manifold" (if that is the correct term) so that they can be 3D printed correctly with no holes in the mesh.

I can provide many reference photos and there is a lot of reference video of the person as well.

This model itself will not have to be animated with movement or different expressions. It just needs to be a static model and the hair and expression, etc., can be frozen permanently in the mesh. So it does not have to be modeled with an eye towards animation. I don't know if that makes it easier or not, but figured I would mention it.

I will need you to supply the models and textures in a couple of formats. For color 3D printing, I would need one of these formats: WRL,X3D,X3DB, X3DV with assocated textures in GIF, JPG or PNG. I would also need geometry-only files of the two heads (one with hair, one bald) in OBJ format.