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Website Revelopment


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This is an update from the previous job posted, I attempted to complete the job myself and to a certain degree have been successful but I have hit a brick wall and need some help to finish it off/clean it up.

So firstly I needed to create a custom wordpress page which resembled this HTML responsive page:

I did that but some CSS issues which are conflicting with the wordpress theme. This is the custom wordpress page:

Secondly I needed to make the form on work similar to:

The form works to a certain extent but unlike the /get-a-price/ page on /price-test/ does not display the information within that page.

It's a little messy but I just need it tidying up and working effortlessly.

So to sum up:

I need:

working like:


looking like:

Does this make sense?

Reply telling me how long it will take you and what access you will need.

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