eDirectory Customisation

eDirectory Customisation


Job Description

We are looking for a PHP programmer (or company) to customize the eDirectory platform (www.eDirectory.com). customization includes theme/template layout redesign, search results logic and display, administration portal configuration, new functionality to be added on the platform and integration with 3rd party software.

This is a long term project (3 months). We have decided to first start with a test project (2 weeks) to evaluate the programmer skill level and ability to work together.

Skills Required:

- PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, MySQL;
- Proven experience with the eDirectory software, or willingness to invest in becoming familiar with the platform;
- Structured programmer who will program bug-free code and comment all changes effectively;
- Fluent in English, all communications will be through email and/or Skype;
- Familiar working in a scrum/agile methodology….2 week sprints;
- Pro-active communicator and ability to think from a business perspective;
- In addition to the backend and PHP programming, we also need a front end developer for the design and style updates in CSS.

Scope of Test Project (wireframe of layout will be provided):
- Create Search Result Page
- Create search form with predefined search criteria which will be used to query database and generate search results
- Variable “Ranking” from “high to low” will be used to show result list
- The first 10 results will be presented;
- End User is able to alter the search list with changing the “predefined search criteria”

Duration: 2 weeks
- Working search page on technical level;
- Software + Comments in Software & Documentation of Changes made.

In your response please include the following:
1. Samples of previous eDirectory customization work;
2. A fixed price for this project, and your normal hourly rate.

Skills: english, agile, design