WHMCS / WordPress / WooCommerce Integration, Cleanup, and Customization

WHMCS / WordPress / WooCommerce Integration, Cleanup, and Customization


Job Description

Greetings oDeskers, TOPSTONE is in need of a multi-talented individual to review our site and provide modifications, customizations, or repairs to help make sure the site is perfect and functions properly.

The site is founded on WordPress and uses WooCommerce for product purchases. The WooCommerce setup is complete and no work is required.

WordPress is up to date with 12 or so plugins and is being backed up nightly. Our WordPress site is responsive and we would prefer that all of the site, including the portions that contain WHMCS be responsive as well.

WHMCS is NOT part of WordPress, although our site works hard to keep our customers from feeling like they are leaving our site. We would like to continue working to hide the seams between the WordPress main site and the WHMCS site.

WHCMS is fully configured, and all products and services have been defined to their initial state.

Here is where you come in :)

We are looking for assistance with the following:
- Site cleanup - there are some Jquery issues and stray CSS markups that need to be tracked down and cleaned up

- Current pricing tables for WHMCS products and services are using the built-in WHMCS green and blue tables and frankly are not sexy enough :)

- WHMCS pricing tables need to be redone with CSS 3 tables inserted into WordPress page with links to add the products and services to WHMCS cart. Something similar to our cloud offerings tables at - http://topstone.com/microsoft-cloud-consulting-services/

- Register domain and Transfer domain need to be styled into WordPress pages with links to the WHMCS php files

The right candidate will have reviewed our site prior to responding to this post - http://topstone.com and will reply with some initial feedback about what they saw. To be selected to complete this project, the candidate must express some direct interest in what we are trying to accomplish. Our team is passionate and highly driven. To work well with us, you must be passionate and highly driven as well.

Here is the bottom line -- We need some expert help to finish dialing in our total site solution before we go live!

Please take a quick look at our site and provide some initial feedback regarding what you found, what you like, don't like, and some ideas on how you would improve things. If you want to separate yourself from the other applicants, include a portfolio with examples of your work too ;)