Looking for a sourcing agent/broker who deals in sourcing from Japan

Looking for a sourcing agent/broker who deals in sourcing from Japan


Job Description

Hello oDesk members,

We're a small company located in the north eastern part of the United States that deals in the distribution and resale of consumer electronics and media. We're currently looking for a sourcing agent that can speak both fluent Japanese and English or Spanish (Spanish not a requirement, if you can speak English. Same goes the other way around.) that can help us get in contact with distributors/wholesalers in Japan and translate conversations between us if necessary.

We need at least a list of 10 wholesalers from Japan who will export to the United States. In the end we need to be happy with at least two to three wholesalers from this list you will provide us.

You can be located in any country as long as you can prove to us that you can handle this job. You must prove your fluency in both languages, if you fail to demonstrate your ability to do so; we will immediately reject you as a candidate.

This job is not for someone who thinks this can be done with a quick copy and paste from a Google search. We will know if you attempt to do this and will be very displeased.

Last but not least, this job comes with future potential. If we're pleased with your service after this first time. We're going to most likely keep seeking your services in the future and will most likely pay you more. This is not a guarantee but possible depending on your performance.

Skills: english, outsourcing