Group Buying Software Development

Group Buying Software Development


Job Description

Dear experts from the odesk community,

I am starting a group buying website and thus, I am currently looking for programmers or website developers to aid me in this process.

I am hesitant to use the Groupon clone software available online because they all look rather similar and thus, I feel I might not be able to achieve a clear branding.

My group buying website will focus only on food deals and here are some features I will need:

1. Deal Buying
-Countdown timer for deals
-Tipping point for deals
-Map function for customers to instantly locate deals
-Payment integration (Credit cards and paypal)
-Unique coupon codes
-Shopping cart
-'Buy Now' button
-'Deal Closed' button
-Number of people who bought the deal
-Incorporating a video on the page where the deal is listed
-Customers able to share deal through social media
-Customers able to comment on deal through Facebook
-Ability to buy deal as gift for friend

2. Capturing of Leads
-Newsletter function to capture emails
-Webforms for 'contact us' page

3. Affiliates / Referrals
-Tracking of referrals and payout correctly
-Tracking of affiliates and payout correctly

4. General Administration
-Accounts for merchant, customer and admin
-Past Deals
-Registration form for new users
-Link to Blog
-Customer is able to login via Facebook
-Customer is able to print coupon from their account

5. Mobile Apps
-Version of website for mobile users
-Create a mobile app that can be downloaded by mobile users

Will like to ask for quotes by all experts on this. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

Skills: software-development