Tele marketing for making appointments no sales !

Tele marketing for making appointments no sales !


Job Description

Job Description

We are in need of an individual capable of making telephone calls daily to pre defined areas in the USA.
The telephone number will be provided via Skype, but you will need to have your own broadband and microphone.
Contacts details of clients provided.

The individual will need to work under the EST time zone hours of 9am-5pm. The job will entail:

1. Calling new people every day with a script and free talking that will be provided and setting, canceling and rescheduling appointments
2. Relying on Google Maps to determine location of customers
3. Entering data into Microsoft Excel with a template provided
4. Online Training provided

Contractor requirements

I am looking for a contractor who meets the following requirements:

1. Has strong English and communication skills
2. Understands phone and email etiquette and does not violate these principles
3. Is familiar with Microsoft Excel
4. Is available between 9am – 5pm PST, Monday through Friday

How to apply

Please respond with a cover letter that includes the following:

1. Your experience with telemarketing and specifically, appointment setting
2. Your proficiency with Microsoft Excel
3. Your availability during the work week (M-F) between 9am – 5pm PST

In addition, please provide a 1-paragraph statement on the supply of non food products to the hospitality industry in your local area.

About the company

We are importer and distributor of lead free crystal glassware to the USA that seeks to find appointments with purchasing agents in Wineries, Hospitality industry, Retail Stores and related industries. We primarily focus on upscale market.

Skills: english, marketing, training