Database merger/transfer expert.

Database merger/transfer expert.


Job Description

An original site is built on Ruby on Rails.
The dev site is built on WordPress.

We are looking for help on database merger/transfer.
The following are what we need to transfer over from the current live site built with Ruby on Rails over to the dev site on WordPress. All of these info are already part of the database/live site.

Access should have been given
The users, emails and roles,
The people, the public user that are signing up
Name option to download email, phone number
Status with the university and the department
calendar name
specific resources their using
starting and end date
IRB number/acc expiration date
principle investigator
people associated with the study
scanner usage accounts
radiology/collaborators, process to date
desired study endpoint
expect funding mechanism
waived hours expected
Keycard request
user name
badge type/pin, id number
expiration date
Examination results
name and date of completion

Blueprint Design Studio team