Eclipse, Google App Engine, and AdWords API

Eclipse, Google App Engine, and AdWords API


Job Description

I need someone to generate detailed instructions on how to create an Eclipse project that will create a Google App Engine application that will post ad AdWords Campaign.

For reference, I attach the current source code, that works fine from the command-line and from the development server using the Google App Engine plugin on Eclipse. While it seems to work locally, it generates problems when deployed to the GAE server.

According to it seems better to use Maven to handle the libraries required but I do not quite understand how to setup a GAE project using Maven and Eclipse. (The documentation online is rather inconsistent and often outdated.) Your task is to give precise instructions on how to set it up.

Finally, the AdWords API needs some tweaks in order to use the appropriate calls within GAE. Your task also includes figuring out how to do that.

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