Hollywood "Star Wars" Like, After Effects!

Hollywood "Star Wars" Like, After Effects!


Job Description

I am an independent artist/actor/producer/video editor/director and story writter.
I am looking for the right type of people who knows how to work with animation/cinema 4d/graphics&after effects. This type of things.
In order to be able to make "Star Wars" like, imagination.

I have some very deep scripts, just like "George Lucas" and need some really willing people who wish to become someday the same respected as for the "Star Wars" movies.

We have to work profesional, with no limits and everybody will be a part of the team, result and the final success.

But my todays budget is without any financial help, or support.
My budget is around 200 - 300 $. For each project.

The projects dont have a limited time. We will start with 3 - 4 min long music video clips.

Skills: video, producer, graphics

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