Wordpress Jobroller theme audio file upload and pagination fix, wordpressMU

Wordpress Jobroller theme audio file upload and pagination fix, wordpressMU


Job Description

first of all i need someone who is highly experienced in wordpress and wordpressMU with the ability to modify themes and add functions, so if you dont have at least 4 -5 years website dev and wordpress dev experience please do not apply I WILL NOT HIRE YOU.
The applicant must have a high profile rating on freelancer or else your application will not be considered.
You must have excellent English speaking skills with a skype account that can have voice conversations.


At the moment i am running a wordpress multisite consiting of the main site and subdomain addon. the main site is not the focus of the project, the subdomain add on with the Jobroller theme is the main focus.
I would like the ability for a user to add multiple .mp3 files to a job listing, and once the job is submitted other users can play the audio that has been uploaded to that listing
Users must be able to edit their mp3s in the edit post section.

Secondly I am needing a pagination fix to rectify an error that comes up when I try to navigate to the next page of 'the latest listings page'.
Once this is fixed, I would like page numbers in the pagination to replace the "next page" and "previous page"

Job description:
Task 1
Basically in the submit job form section I would like that a user had the ability to upload minimum x3 .mp3 files and once the 'job listing' has been submitted the audio files uploaded to that job listing will be called back on the live end of the job listing using an audio player or some sort (WP audio plugin).
The user must be able to post the mp3s and edit them via the edit page.
The page in focus: http://musicians.europeband.eu/submit/
and the edit page.

Task 2
Fix Pagination error on 'latest listings page' http://musicians.europeband.eu/
The error of the pagination when I press 'next': http://musicians.europeband.eu/page/2/

Replace pagination "next page" and "previous page" with click able page numbers and and next and previous on either side of the numbers.
Similar to this pagination on my main site http://europeband.eu/downloads/page/2/

Skills: english