Compounds Data Base

Compounds Data Base


Job Description

I would like to create a data base for our compounded medicines. A compound is a mixture of several drugs in one formulation by the order of a physician.
Key factor for this data base.
1. A list of drugs put in by the user (about 15-30 drugs or chemicals) for example a. Piroxicam b. Ibuprofen c. Ketoprofen d.ethyl alcohol e. Lipoderm base f. Lipoderm Activemax base g. Amitriptyline h. Cyclobenzaprine

2. Now when we create a compound in our other software we assign a unique 11 digit number to it. for example a compound has Ketoprofen 10% + Ibuprofen 15%+ Cyclobenzaprine 18% in Lipoderm Activemax base total quantity to make 100 grams. The assigned number is 00000-0012-49

3. Now what we need in our data base is capability where we click on the above ingredients and put the percentages and put the assigned 11 digit number and store it.

4. The idea is to retrieve the 11 digit number of compound with certain ingredients quickly.

5. In other words i would like to pick the individual drugs from a list and run a query and the software brings back the results of all the compounds which have those ingredients. So i can pick the desired compound and get the 11 digit id number and pull that compound in my other prescription processing software.

6. I would like to be able to run loose or more strict queries.