Web Programmer/Designer to Finish Website

Web Programmer/Designer to Finish Website


Job Description


My programmer went back to school and I need to find someone who can help me complete my website. The design is mostly completed, but I need some help making changes to the membership aspects of the site.

The website is VillageExchanges.com, and is a membership site.

Things I will need:

The website is primarily set up this way, but I want it to look similar to FB in the way that when you login, your info/profile is on the left and then the newsfeed (where everyone posts their needs/wants) is in the middle and on the right hand side would show all the members. As the number of members grows the member can decide how many they would like to see based on mile radius to them, but initially I would like all members to be seen.

I will need to add a link or have a pop up section come up whenever a member checks that they are interested in childcare and house sitting. This pop up area would allow for the member to fill out the needed information to have a background screening performed. It would also contain a box that says "No, thank you" and "Later, please".

We need to add a point/hour system allowing members to exchange babysitting hours, pet-sitting hours, etc.

Other details can be discussed if we decide working together might be a fit.

To be considered for this job, you must have the ability to work with PHP, MySQL, jQuery, and wordpress. If you meet this criteria, please feel free to submit a bid including your hourly rate, how many hours you expect to complete the above tasks, and any other competitive advantages you have to offer.

Thank you for your consideration.