Module import/export software data from excel (csv) to Sql

Module import/export software data from excel (csv) to Sql


Job Description

Create an object software that allows you to develope import and export models from Sql To excel in visual mode.

Choose the connection to the server and database, show the tables availible in the database.
Then you can select the objects in the tables to import or export assigning every field to the corrisponding column.

The model just created will be save for eventual updates (new fields in the table used in this model)

Once the model is complete the program must allow the following:

1) Export data to an Excel sheet respecting the defined connections from the table to the Excel column, inserting in the first row the name of the field .
2) Import from an Excel Sheet respecting the type of information in the table ( for example the lenght of the default database, numerical or text or smalldate): the procedure must advise of any error during the importation with a popup form.
For increased security the program should check the label of the excel column with the name of the field: if they do not match an other popup should open.

3) It should be forseen various filters for import and export of data from Sql to Excel and viceversa.
4) Schedule the execution process with a job from this model
a. In this case it would be interesting to recive an email notification that the process was successfully completed or not (in the event that the process was not completed successfully an error list will be sent by email)
5) The log will be recorded with the date and time, name of the model and execution results in a file register.

Best Regards
Marco Dai Zotti

Skills: import, .net