Joomla website redesign and custom programming

Joomla website redesign and custom programming


Job Description


We have produced installed a standard (Gavick Pro) Joomla template as a starting point for a new article website.

You can see the (unmodified) template installed at

We need a ***VERY EXPERIENCED*** Joomla professional to take this template and carry out the following work:

1) Re-skin the existing template to exactly (not closely...EXACTLY!) match the following design:

As you will see from the mockups above, there are essentially FOUR page designs:

i) Homepage, which will present articles automatically, based on their CATEGORY (see 2, below);
ii) Articles (linked to directly from home page and also from category listings and search results pages);
iii) Category listings (this image illustrates how/where the homepage links to different category listings:;
iv) Search results page (this can be the default page layout in our template).

Our new designs closely match the existing layout, to minimise development work. However, there are some custom elements that will require more technical work. Some of this development work requires activation/de-activation of modules and position them in the exact location shown in the mockups. Other development may be more customised (please do not bid on this project if you cannot code at this level!!)

2) Once you have redesigned the template, you will need to set up simple PUBLISHING RULES, to control the positioning of content AUTOMATICALLY based on CATEGORIES/TAGS applied to articles.

Review the following illustration to see how the categories/tags set for articles will determine if/where the article appears on the home page:

Example #1: If I tag an article as NEWS and LEAD it will appear in the top-left position on the homepage AUTOMATICALLY.

Example #2: If I later tag a NEWER article the same as above, it will appear instead (because it is newer).

Example #3: If I tag an article with FEATURES it will appear AUTOMATICALLY in the 'features' section on the right side (so long as it is a recent article - the 'features' panel is sorted in descending date order)

Example #4: If I tag an article with NEWS and TOP it will appear in the 'top news' section (only if it is new enough, again)

Example #5: If I tag an article with BUSINESS and SPOTLIGHT it will appear in the 'Business' panel in the middle of the page (ONLY if it is the newest article tagged with these values).

and so on... you can see from the illustration how the tags work.

The successful developer will have ongoing work with this project, but the INITIAL project described above is a fixed-price posting on ODesk. Please supply your best price for the work. We will be selecting a developer in the next few days...