Build a Marketplace

Build a Marketplace


Job Description

I am looking for a person that has some basic core competencies in design and programming and comfortable designing a simple marketplace for a niche industry. Paypal and other payment gateways will be used to pay the site and sellers. The site needs to be built with the plan to scale as there will likely be multiple users on at the same time.

I have a detailed wireframe and design overviews as well as detailed documentation of the site functionality that I will share with the designer / developer that is awarded the build. I need to have this site up and running in 2 weeks so if you do not have the ability to commit to a rigorous time schedule please do not apply for this project. This is the first phase of core functionality of the site and I am viewing as the minimally viable product. It should not take more than 80 hours to be built.

There will be several projects to support this site if you do a great job building the core and getting the site built according to schedule as soon we move into the programming phase. I expect to be able to share the rough wireframe mock ups and detailed site information and have a design to review and approve within a couple of days be finalized with the look and feel for this first version and begin coding immediately.

Details on the core of the project:

This project is for building a site that has similar functionality to, however we do not need to have all the features and functionality that etsy provides.

People visiting the site may be buyers, sellers, or both and will create a single account.

Listing a product needs to be very simple.
1. Name of Product
2. Product Number(autogenerated)
3. Add pictures (main picture - 4 more pics displayed in slide show) Have an autocrop tool to size and use pictures
4. Ability to add product variations (different colors or sizes - customized by the seller)
5. Add shipping price, add a multiple item shipping rate including free shipping for more than one item.
6. Add a text description of the product
7. Add a product category and sub category from a drop down menu that is created by the admin

Please tell me your favorite color in the first word of the application so that I know you have read this application, automatic submissions will be dismissed immediately.
Sellers will be able to create a simple store presence (simply fill in predetermined field text boxes from admin side, displayed the same manner for all stores)
1. Add a logo
2. Sellers Name will be displayed on page
3. An About Seller Description text box
4. All products that they have uploaded will be visible

Skills: paypal

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