Game Developer wanted to create Ipad game

Game Developer wanted to create Ipad game


Job Description


(yes, I reposted this job with a higher price range)

I want a developer to develop me a game for the ipad where users can play together.

Currently, like the rest of the world, I am addicted to Angry Birds on my ipad and when I was in college, I enjoyed playing Worms 2. I figure, instead of waiting to the next game comes out, why not create one? Hence, I want to hire a game developer to develop a game like Angry Birds or Worms 2 or Amoeba Wars. Users MUST be able to play together in the same game, even though they are using two different ipads (like words with friends!)!

This game must be animated!

A. I will supply the ANIMATED PICTURES of the characters, the ANIMATED PICTURES of their weapons (like in Amoeba and Worms 2), and the ANIMATED PICTURES of levels. I own the pictures and animations! If you have any suggestions for them, please let me know!

B. Here is what I want you to do:
1. You have to be able to get them integrate them. Ie, put the characters into the games and make the game playable.
2. The characters must be able to use their weapons to destroy the others the characters on different boards (like angry birds, worms 2, amoeba, etc)
3. You must be able to get the users/games to play the same game on their ipod. Ie, John in NY can play with George in NJ IN the same game. Or, Justin can send Britney a friends request and they play together since they are already friends (like words with friends).
4. There will be a free version with ads, and/or, a person can upgrade for 1.99 for version that is ad free.
5. The game must be SIMPLE.
6. The game must be FUN.
7. The game should be addicting.

Here is my criteria for your background.
1. You will ONLY be paid through odesk. If you do NOT want be paid through odesk, DO NOT response to this!
2. I am hiring you as an independent contractor. You will NOT receive a portion of the money from the game.
3. I am hiring you as an independent contractor. You will NOT own any part of the game. The game is MINE.
4. You will sign a non compete, non disclosure agreement.
5. You have a portfolio.
6. You have worked on odesk projects before.
7. You will be paid for the entire job project. Not per hour.
8. If the game is completed and has some "bugs" you will fix them.

C. Please answer the following questions:
(If possible, please number the answers like the way I have it)
1. How long would it take for you to start and complete the game?
2. Why do you think you will be able to create it?
3. How much do you charge for the completed game?
4. What are your favorite Ipad games? Computer games?
5. Have you created any computers games before? if so, can you show me them?
6. What suggestions do YOU have to make the game better?
7. If the game starts taking off and is making money, would you want to work on further projects?
8. Thoughts/ comments/ suggestions?

I am not going to start this project IMMEDIATELY due to interviewing and researching games. Most likely, if the project was to start, it would be in the summer.

Questions for me:
1. Do you have any questions for me?
2. What criteria would you need for me to supply the characters, the boards, etc?


Skills: ipad, games, research

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