SugarCRM and GOIP SMS Module

SugarCRM and GOIP SMS Module


Job Description

I am looking for someone that has the necessary skills to perform a customization in SugarCRM CE.

I am about to buy a GOIP 4 GSM gateway. What I need you to do is:

* Point me in the right direction to know if this is the best way to have Sugar send SMS

* I need to know if you can create a module or install an packages that will allow me to send SMS campaigns BULK SMS using this device as a gateway

* Perform the implementation on a TEST server

* I need to be able to setup specific fields on SMS like Email campaigns

Only apply if you know what you are doing and have done this before. If you know about other ways to do SMS Bullk messages using SugarCRM. If you have previous implementations and can provide proof it will be a +

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