Yii web app for manage data entry, update and search

Yii web app for manage data entry, update and search


Job Description

I've a DB structure with 1 main table and 4 linked tables.

I need a web app for manage:

- data entry in tables (with jquery features)
- search in main table
- update/insert/delete in tables
- login for specified users saving user info during data entry

I'll provide layout of site to copy and DB structure

All project created using Yii features and bootstrap.
With "Yii features" I mean all Yii functions, creating DB manager from my DB Schema, manage user profiles with Yii approach etcc...

Main table is Cicli table, here we've insert value and allow to search items inserted.
Standard users can insert items in this table, and id_users is automatically assigned by logged-in user information
When we've a linked field (Commesse, Macchina...) means that will be a select box during data entry

Other tables needs to be managed only by admin user.
Means that data entry, insert, update and delete for this table will be allowed and showed only by admin user


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