SEO Expert and Google Add word Campaigner

SEO Expert and Google Add word Campaigner


Job Description

SEO Expert and Google Add word Campaigner

Our company is IT services Company with specialization in Cloud computing looking for someone who is very experienced working with Pay Per Click advertising, especially Google Adwords. Please do not apply unless you have experience in this area AND excellent results.

Qualified person must meet the following :
750 Plus hours on oDesk
4.50 % or Higher Rating
Top perform in your field
Top 10-20 % Google Add words etc
Top 10-20% SEO, etc


Qualities: A qualified candidate is someone who is reliable, hardworking, responsive to communications (I don't have to chase them down to find out what is going on), honest, and who desires to grow with a company that cares about them.

Skills: A qualified candidate needs to know how to properly set up a campaign, and more importantly, how to improve its performance. This person needs to be an excellent student of pay-per-click advertising, continually learning and growing in this area.

The person we seek finds great enjoyment in figuring out ways to improve the performance of a campaign. Pay will continually increase with proven performance.

Our team is very energized with the thought that their efforts are greatly appreciated by our clients and are making a big difference for these small businesses. If you like being a hero to those you serve, you would fit right in.

Our team currently works with modest sized service clients once we can prove performance then we will be able to add our clients to our services

We will have PPC campaigns (and other dimensions of their marketing).

However, what you would do is not just manage a PPC campaign (adding keywords, negatives, adjust bid prices) but work on our ads (do regular A/B split tests), and provide ideas/input on our landing pages (even possibly using Website optimizer) to find the best combination to maximize our call volume and lead generation.

Let me explain why this distinction is important.
There could me a bonus per lead generated that is of value paid per lead, so it is in everyone's best interest to figure out ways to get more prospects from the impression stage to the ad, and from there to the website and ultimately to call for an appointment.

That means not just trying different ads for increased CTR, but also trying different domain names, website design ideas, and website content ideas to find the best combination that brings the highest conversion rate and the lowest cost per conversion. The goal every week and month is to beat the current levels and get more phone calls.

It certainly isn't boring. It is challenging, interesting and fun when your new test works and you see the results.

I have people who do the website revisions so that wouldn't be the candidate's responsibility. But, I would value the candidate's input on a keyword theme, or ad theme that seems to be working. We are about to test four different landing pages using Website Optimizer to see which one leads to better conversions. We would value your input on those decisions!

One other dimension that is appealing to those on my team: they know how much of an impact their efforts have on our small clients

They are not just helping sell services, they are helping the businesses to grow and compete with national companies. We are highly rated for service, honesty and skill.

I am looking for someone who likes to figure out puzzles, who is proactive, and who wants to do more than just improve CTR. I am looking for someone who will stay in regular contact with me, letting me know what they are finding or trying.

If that sounds likes you and this position sounds interesting, I would like to set up a Skype interview over the next few days.

Email me back if you are interested in an interview. Let me know time frames you are available, and your time zone so we can arrange a mutually workable time.

Skills: marketing

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