Android magazine Kiosk

Android magazine Kiosk


Job Description

We are looking for an developer that can develop our Android app, that works exactly like our IOS app ( login with emagazinetest and password nowmedia to see some examples)
This app is an Magazine Kiosk App. The kiosk give access to the magazines. These magazines are build in our creator.

The creator stores the magazines in the database. The app will read the XML output and show the magazines.
The magazines are pdf pages (each page one PDF) with a layer on top of it (this is all in the XML file). This layer will add the interactive elements.
Like video, audio, slideshows, animations, 360 foto's, Popups and more. The App should also Support "push notifications" (13 modules in total)

To see the some features that are added by our creator, view the video on

We only work Fixed price. So please do not respond for hourly based contract. We do not pay upfront fee, but we will pay for the first milestone. This is the creation of an PDF reader without any elements in it. a layer should be added on top of it.

If this is a success, we will have a lot more jobs!

Martijn Coehorst