Magazine Designer // From Dummy to First Issue

Magazine Designer // From Dummy to First Issue


Job Description

We have an entertainment magazine dummy that needs to be translated into the first issue. We have the entire dummy in PDF format but the designer dropped off the map before giving us the InDesign files, so we need to start from half-scratch. The look is pretty much exactly what we want but someone who likes the format would enjoy taking it to the next level and give it a tad of a cooler edge.

Our mag launch is coming up soon, designer went AWOL around 4 weeks ago after a wonderful working relationship, so no one really thought that he would be gone for good. Now we're in a bit of a pickle as print date is coming up end of Feb and we have nothing beyond the PDF dummy...

The magazine has 128 pages, of which 30% is advert and 90 content, obviously we just need the content designed. Most elements are already established, so it would be a matter of expanding those and applying them to the rest of the magazine. The features would get different layout and design to stand out from the Front of Book.

We are in the process of getting the content together and have some already, so you would have everything in time to work steadily on this from now till print date.

This is for a new entertainment magazine in Nigeria, don't think stereo-type Hip-Hop Bling flashy/cheesy, think more cool and edgy.

Skills: pdf, design