Front End Web Application Developer

Front End Web Application Developer


Job Description


Mall Rat is seeking a skilled web application developer interested in applying their abilities and the latest technologies in the area of indoor mapping in the shopping mall space.

We have an existing Ruby on Rails application that is nearly complete functionality wise but are looking for a very talented front end developer to assist in polishing up the UI/UX.


Javascript/Javascript Frameworks, HTML5, CSS3, Ruby on Rails, Coffeescript, Sass, JSON, and AJAX.


1. Create functional, high-performance JavaScript, HTML/CSS layouts from UI/UX requirements and mockups.
2. Work with senior backend developers to build a complex, multithreaded, end-to-end application with a fantastic user experience.
3. Work productively within a team of very talented software developers in a virtual environment.
4. Contribute enthusiasm and creativity to help create awesomeness.

Core Experience/Qualifications:

1. 3 to 4+ years of commercial software development experience.
2. Advanced technical degree or related training or experience a plus.
3. Professional experience in technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, Javascript (jQuery), and Git.
4. Mastery of web UI architecture and development practices.
5. Familiarity with Javascript Frameworks.
6. Understanding of designing/building for cross-browser compatibility.
7. Knowledge of Ruby on Rails is a huge plus.
8. Experience with manipulating JSON objects and communicating with APIs.
9. Outstanding problem-solving and communication skills.
10. Highly motivated and passionate.
11. Works well independently and as a team member.

You WILL be required to write a simple test to be considered for a position with us so if you are unwilling, please do not apply.

Skills: json