Building five dynamic sites

Building five dynamic sites


Job Description

**Since we received too many applicants that had little to no knowledge, at the end of the description there is a short test, please answer the questions and include the answers with your application**

This is a long term highly profitable project, we're looking for someone to be like a partner not just a one time programmer.

The web programmer will need to build five dynamic sites which will display images that are located on one server.

The images's location, name and unique ID will be stored in one database to which all five sites will have access.

*Know English in a very high level
*Have a proven track record and can supply a work portfolio
*Meet the deadline set
*Use Skype and Gmail on a daily basis


Test contains two parts:
Server-side and Client-side.

Server-side is a PHP and MYSQL test.
Client-side is a Javascript, jQuery and CSS test.

Server Side:
1. Please explain the difference between $_POST and $_GET.
2. Please explain the difference between cookies and local storage.
3. Say we have a database named "GIFS" in which we have a table named "Main". the table has four columns:
id | name | path | tags
Please write down a MySql statement which will retrieve a PHP array of all the items in the table, ordered by name.
*Please include the connection to the database using PHP.
4. For the same table, please write a MySql statement to delete all columns which have the tag "car".

1. Using jQuery, please give an example of a simple AJAX request that sends a $_POST parameter and alerts the returned data as given from the remote PHP page.
2. Using Javascript only, please write a function that would alert the windows width every time the window resizes.
3. Please create a 300X300 div with a gray background with an opacity of 0.7. This has to be Cross-Browser and look the same on IE7+, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
4. Using jQuery, please create a 300X300 div that changes colors with a click of a button. the transition has to be gradual, meaning the colors need to fade from one to the other.

Skills: english, gmail, test