Senior developer to work on crawler/scraper project

Senior developer to work on crawler/scraper project


Job Description

We are currently looking for a highly skilled, seasoned professional LAMP developer to continue work on an existing crawler/scraper project. The system uses bespoke crawler scripts, APIs, a Drupal frontend UI and a sugar CRM.

The developer must use clean, object orientated code and stick to strict coding ethics. Messy code and poor software architecture will not be tolerated.

The solution we're building is complex and requires an exceptional coder.

Please read the attached scope to get a more complete understanding of what needs to be done.

The are three parts to the system we've built:

Part 1 - A frontend user website similar to which allows people to post jobs and receive leads via the platform. We're working towards an end of March completion date that will, at least, be ready for testing in April. However, without the crawler/search engine in place it is going to be difficult to fully test this system in its entirety.

Part 2 - A 'search engine' using crawlers/scrapers and APIs to search a list of directories/Social networking platforms using specific keywords and location entry to search for keyword related local businesses. This system uses a Drupal front-end UI with APIs and Crawlers selectable as 'plugins' when creating new jobs/searches.

Part 3 - Once all this data has been stored into the relevant databases it should then be parsed to a sugar CRM. From here we should be able to manage all lead data including scraped emails, facebook profiles, company name, address and zip locations etc. Direct emails should be sent from here to market the services of our site. As a job gets posted we can call upon a range of data already supplied by the scraper and contact companies requesting they sign up and bid on a job.

So far, everything is in place. The crawler has been working to some extent but there are still bugs and further development required to finish this off. The code is opensource and well written. The architecture is well thought out and well structured.

We're looking for a fixed price solution. Working on an ongoing hourly rate is not a preferred approach for us due to previous poor developer performances.

More detailed information regarding the project can be made available on request.

Please contact Kieron for more information.